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Fawn Diamond Firetail (Sparrow) – Stagonopleura guttata

Song: The song is a series of low-pitched buzzing or rasping notes.

Behavior: The behavior is aggressive to other birds. They will kill other weak birds and that is why one should keep Grass finches with them.

Breeding: Diamond Firetail Finches normally breed in the privacy of the nest or somewhere secluded and close to the ground. After breeding, the female egg can lay about four to six eggs and incubates them along with the male for 14 days. About 21 days after hatching, they will leave the nest and just about 21 days after that, they fledge. Both the male and the female feed the young. Female diamond firetails can start breeding after 9 to 12 months of life and are best when paired at a young age. Their life span is usually between 5 and 7 years.

Diet: In the wild, they eat ripe or partially ripe fruits and their seeds. They also eat some insects and their larvae. The birds spend a significant amount of time on the ground finding seeds and insects. Responds well to Australian Blend Goldenfeast,

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