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This hand fed, weaned, tame and perky Red-lored Amazon or Red-lored Parrot (Amazona autumnalis) is ready for your home! The Red-lored Amazon is a species of Amazon parrot, native to tropical regions of the Americas, from eastern Mexico south to Ecuador. Feral populations have been known to inhabit various areas of California.

The Red-lored Amazon’s  plumage is primarily green, with a red forehead and, in some subspecies, yellow cheeks with possible with red spots on their cheeks. The crown is usually blue. Adult males and females do not differ in plumage so DNA testing is advised for gender clarity. Juveniles have less yellow on the cheeks, less red on the forehead, and dark irises.

Size: about 13 finches and 0.8 pounds

Lifespan: average 80 years when provided a healthy environment and diet

Breeding:  The Red-lored Amazon nests in tree cavities in the wild. The eggs are white and there are usually three or four in a clutch and the female incubates the eggs for about 26 days.  Chicks leave the nest about 60 days after hatching

Behavior: They can be devoted pets and some make fairly good talkers. Like most amazon parrots they often have a tendency to vocalize loudly, and sometimes to bite. Their behavior ranges from being quiet and curious to being aggressive, this can all be changed by basic training when the bird is of a young age.

Diet: Their food includes fruits, nuts and seeds. Like all parrots, red-lored amazons need a varied diet consisting of high quality pellets, a quality seed mix, and daily servings of fresh, bird-safe fruits and vegetables. Avoid avacados and eggplant as these can be dangerous and poisonous for these Amazons.  Lafeber’s Avi-Cakes and Nutri-Berries are also nutritionally balanced and offer variety for their diet and encourages natural foraging behavior.

* Courtesy of Wikipedia

DNA testing:

If there is no gender option listed for a bird on our website, that particular species is ‘monomorphic’, which means we’re unable to determine gender without purchasing DNA testing. DNA testing is an additional $149 per bird to guarantee preferred gender. DNA testing may add an additional 3-6 plus weeks to estimated delivery time to allow for gender results. See our FAQs for more info.


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